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Top Pool Tips for Snowbirds

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What Are Snowbirds?

No, it’s not an actual bird. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the definition, winter visitors (the more politically correct term), more commonly known as “snowbirds,” are seasonal travelers, usually retirees, who head south when colder weather approaches. Some of the most popular warm weather states that these travelers head to are Florida and Texas.

Do Snowbirds Have Pools?

Back view of Elderly couple lying by pool at hotel resortYou better believe it! In fact, snowbirds frequently have pools in both their northern, more permanent residence, and at their sunny, southern getaway home. While they must close up shop before heading south as colder weather approaches, they then get to migrate down to warmer temperatures and a pool that will stay open all year long. Since these different locations require different pool care and maintenance, we have a few tips on how Pool Scouts can help prep a pool for the cold winter weather, and also how to maintain for a year-round perfect pool.

How To Close and Open A Pool When Heading South

Pool Scouts has locations in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina to help with your pool closing needs, and will also be around once it’s time to open your pool back up in the spring. Here are a few of the services that a professional Pool Scouts technician will perform. To read the full list, visit our Closing Services page.

Closing and Winterizing Service

  • Test and balance water
  • Blow off pool deck and equipment pad
  • Lower water level and backwash filter
  • Add winterizing chemicals

Once you’re ready to head north as things warm up, Pool Scouts is ready to dive in and take the plunge. Take a look at our Opening Services page for the full break-down of what’s included.

Pool Opening Service

  • Remove, clean and prepare cover for storage
  • Remove plugs and prep pool lines
  • Blow off deck area and equipment pad
  • Start and prime the pool pump

How To Maintain A Year-Round Pool Once Down South

Pool Scouts has a recurring swimming pool cleaning service that will allow winter visitors to make the most of their time in the warmer weather. The last thing you want to worry about is your pool! We’ve got your back. With multiple locations throughout some of the more popular snowbird destination states such as Florida and Texas, we are happy to service our winter visitors. Here are a few of the steps included in our year-round pool cleaning service.

  • Remove leaves and debris from pool surface
  • Clean tile surface at the waterline
  • Empty and clean the skimmer baskets
  • Clean or backwash the filter
  • Check the filter pressure 

While snowbirds have the ultimate dream of a getaway home, and often times getaway pool, this results in more maintenance. Not to worry, Pool Scouts is there every step of the way to make sure that relaxation is the only item on their checklist, living their ultimate luxury lifestyle without the worry of taking care of a pool. Give us a call at 844-775-2742 today!


Diving into the Summer Feet First

Water Fight

Although it may seem as though summer started weeks ago, let’s not forget that the official first day of summer is June 21st! The temperature is rising, the kids are already sunburnt and worn out, and your personal pool has been occupied every day since the middle of May. The question is: How will you bring all of that enthusiasm from the “beginning of summer” back for the actual beginning of summer ? Here are a few fun yet relaxing activities for the first days of summer.

Date Night By the Pool

Movie Night PopcornHire a sitter, and instead of making sure the kids are kept busy, let them have some downtime via a movie night with all the fixin’s: popcorn, candy and maybe even a little soda (what a treat)! Instead of enforcing bedtime, have them roll out the sleeping bags in the family room and camp out, falling asleep to the movie. Meanwhile, you should be outside, relaxing by the pool with some wine, lanterns, music, and other neighborhood moms and dads. The kids probably need this time and so do you!

Have a pajama day.

When the kids wake up, let them stay in their pajamas all day long. Don’t make them change clothes until it is time for them to change into more pajamas.

Have a daiquiri day.

Unleash the fruit and the blender from the ‘fridge and help the kids make their own fruity concoctions. Bring your pitcher out to the pool, sip your smoothie, and catch some rays. Take a dip when you feel the heat calls for it.

Summer Reading?

Summer Reading Make those summer reading requirements a little less dreadful and a little more exciting for the kids. Have them read by the pool instead of confining them to a silent room indoors. Allow them to take a splash for each ten pages they read.

Take Time For an Evening Dip!

Have a family nighttime swim session. Bring the whole fam’ out to the pool for a moonlit swim right before bed. This will allow you to combine a healthy, end-of-the-day activity with some good, quality family bonding time– bonding time that doesn’t include watching a movie.

Have a picnic by the pool.

Pack sandwiches and popsicles, unfold a blanket, and eat lunch outside in swim suits. Cool off and float around the pool on a noodle afterwards.   After a week of lazy swims and summer relaxation, morale will be higher for everyone and the start of summer will have you back on your feet for the rest of the season. Pool Scouts is your go to source for getting and keeping your pool swim-ready. Offering a menu of services, you can be sure your pool will be sparkling for summer fun!   ABOUT POOL SCOUTS Pool Scouts is a premier pool service franchise focused on delivering a quality, consistent brand experience while providing pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services at residential properties. Technicians are trained in testing, monitoring, treating and servicing pools and can provide ongoing service as well as help at the beginning and end of the summer season. Growing from its first location in Virginia Beach, Pool Scouts offers a great opportunity as a low cost franchise in the pool services industry with available territories across the United States. For more information or franchising opportunities, visit