5 Simple Upgrades for Your Pool

Pool at Night Time Lit Up with title overlaying picture

Is your pool still stuck with the basic equipment package? Chances are, your pool builder most likely installed what was best for them and not for you. Innovations in technology have taken leaps and bounds in the pool industry over the past few years, everything from coordinated lighting to sophisticated water features. We’ve compiled a list of five simple upgrades to enhance your swimming pool experience. Check it out!

1. Automatic Robotic Cleaner

After five years, most cleaners don’t work quite as well as they did in the beginning. Robotic cleaners are now available as stand-alone units. There’s no need to run the pool pump anymore. Most have the ability to schedule cleanings, are enabled with Bluetooth, and some are even remote controlled. Pro tip: you should save on your electrical bill as they simply plug into a GFCI 110V outlet, which is a typical outdoor plug.

2. LED Light or Bulb

Not only will LED bulbs will brighten up your evenings by the pool, but they will save you a few pennies on electrical costs. Similar to the bulbs in your home, a simple swap from Halogen or Incandescent to an LED light or bulb will make a significant upgrade to your pool. And most have color selections and preset color change shows to extend your daytime party into the night!

3. Chlorinator

Tired of watching your tablet floater moving around the surface while playing, or even worse, collecting in front of the skimmer? A few simple tools and a new offline chlorinator could be the fix. Easy installation by the equipment pad will help ensure you are efficiently dosing your pool with chlorine.

4. Chemical Monitoring

Recent technology now affords pool owners the opportunity to remotely monitor their pool water. Some systems in the market are simple to install. Connect the system to your home network, download the app, and drop the unit in the pool. Easy as that! The notifications you receive when the water chemistry needs attention is a game changer. Correcting an out of balance pool can cost time and money, so install a chemical monitoring system to get ahead of the game.

5. Timing and Automation

Once mechanical, timers have now moved to the digital age – finally! Whether you are activating a Home Hub to automate the pool through a home assistant or simply adding a digital timer, automation is now affordable and simple. Many older units can be converted to incorporate digital timers so the pool equipment operates when you want it too. Some systems come with remote monitoring which is essential while on vacation or away from home for an extended amount of time.

Utilize Your Scouts

Implementing some of these simple upgrades will help you spend more time enjoying your pool this year. And take your backyard experience to the next level by sprucing up the landscape and surrounding area. You can integrate automation for those outdoor lights and sprinkler system too! You’ll be the most popular house on the block. Remember, Pool Scouts can help you select and install some of the above-listed items. We are your go-to source for professional pool service, so you can enjoy your pool all season long! Click here to find a Pool Scouts location near you or give us a call at 844-775-2742. We can’t wait to help you upgrade your backyard oasis!

Deep Freeze: Pool Tips for Freezing Temps

Graphic of pool with ice around edges that says, Deep Freeze: Pool Tips for Freezing Temps

This time of year, the weather can keep us guessing. Just when you expect the warmer temperatures to roll in, a Polar Vortex hits.  What happens in the winter, and even early spring, can impact your summer fun by the pool.

So let’s talk about how to keep your pool in good condition when the deep freeze hits and the snow starts falling. Proper closing of your pool along with investigating a few things during the winter months can help keep your pool in top shape.

We just spent months inside, time to get outdoors soon and enjoy.

Play I Spy…with your pool

A simple way to determine that your pool is currently in good shape is a simple glance under or through the cover.

Try and peel back a corner near the deep end, and check a solid cover.  If it is a mesh cover, cup your hands around your face and look through the mesh screening as if looking through a store window.

Image of pool pump buried in snow next to house

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Is the pool still holding water?
  • Can I see the bottom of the pool?
  • How much debris is on the bottom?

View around your equipment and check:

  • Any cracked pipes?
  • Any items still frozen?
  • Any standing water that might re-freeze?

Status Report

Each question is important for the rest of the winter and leading into the warmer season ahead.

Share the results from the items above with your local pool service company.  Especially the company who may have closed your pool.  Not only does it give you the opportunity to ask questions, the company will gain valuable insight to the local conditions.

Compare notes with friends and neighbors who also own pools.  Although no two pools are ever the same, identifying a trend over the cooler months with your pools condition might help prevent problems before they occur.  Encourage your friends with concerns to address them quickly.

Image of little boy getting thrown in the air in a pool with floaties and goggles, and dad in the backgroundEarly fixes could save you time and money

Don’t shy away from any repair that may be needed before spring.  Often companies are looking to handle repairs now before opening many pools over the next few weeks.

3 Tips for communicating winter repairs:

  1. Take plenty of pictures and e-mail them to your local pool repair company.
  2. Ask for their work schedule this time of year and get on the calendar
  3. Ask about upgrades if you need to replace key components.

Take the time today and plan to get your pool opened early if you suspect any damages, and contact a swimming pool repair company if you see any damages. And remember, Pool Scouts is your go-to source for professional pool service, and we service pool years round in many markets.