Spring Cleaning Your Home, Inside and Out

Patio Furniture under Gazebo - Spring Cleaning Your Home, Inside and Out

Spring is here! And that means it’s time to get your yard (and your home) in tip-top shape. That’s right, it’s time for some good, old fashioned spring cleaning. Now while all of us might not exactly become giddy with excitement at the thought of spring cleaning, it’s a great way to make a fresh start and honor the turn of the season.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together some quick and easy areas of focus for your spring cleaning this year, complete with tips and tricks for freshening up your outdoor and indoor spaces!

10 Easy Steps to a Cleaner House and Yard

  1. Shed or Garage: After the winter season, it’s amazing the amount of stuff that can accumulate in these spaces! Remove anything that’s broken or worn out. And for the remaining items, determine what you can donate or trash! Even take it a step further and install some easy shelving so you can keep everything in view and organized throughout the year.
  2. Swimming Pool: Do you have a backyard oasis? Make sure it’s opened and ready for warmer temps! If pool care is not your forte, leave it to the experts. Find your local Pool Scouts and give them a call today!
  3. Patio Furniture: With warm weather (very) quickly approaching, be sure your outdoor furniture is ready for some serious lounging! Add a squirt of dish detergent to a bowl of warm water and then wipe down chairs and tables. And for a final touch, give it a spray of water from your hose!
  4. Garden Bed: After the winter months, your garden will be covered with loose leaves, mulch, dead plants, weeds, unwanted compost, and maybe even poop from your pets (ew!). Removing larger pieces of debris by hand, such as dead branches and bushes, will give you a clearer view of the garden bed. This will allow you to see new weeds, smaller debris you will want to collect with a hand rake, along with plants and bulbs you may want to relocate to a different part of the garden.
  5. Grill: With backyard entertaining comes barbecuing! Whip that grill into shape so it can be burger and dog-ready. The ultimate cleaning hack involves beer! Pour a half bottle of beer over the top of greasy grates on a warm grill. The beer will break down the oil and grease, and it will come right off when clean with a bristle brush. Good as new!
  6. Doormats: Freshen up those doormats! Hose off and air dry the ones that sit outside and give your inside doormats a good vacuum treatment. Pro tip: to trap more dust, use two mats – one outside the door and one just on the inside.
  7. Kitchen Sink: In addition to giving your sink a good wipe down, clean the inside of it too! Put a few lemon rinds in the drain and run your garbage disposal. Bye-bye funky smells!
  8. Fridge: Remove everything from your refrigerator and give those shelves and doors a thorough wipe down. This also a great opportunity to throw out any old or expired food/condiments! Pro tip: Our friends at Home Clean Heroes can clean your fridge for you! Ask about this add-on option to any residential service. Hint, they’ll can clean your oven too!
  9. Closet: Your closet is a great place to focus on during spring cleaning. Remove anything stained, in need of repair or just plain worn out – Marie Kondo style!. For remaining clothing items, ask yourself, “when was the last time I wore this?”. It’s a great opportunity to make a large donation to Goodwill or other similar charities.
  10. Bedding: Tackle those bulky items we call bedding! Pillows and comforters should be cleaned at least two or three times a year, so they should be at the top of your list during your spring cleaning. Pro tip: Check the manufacturer’s label before tossing them into the washing machine.

Following these 10 easy steps will get you that much closer to spring cleaning bliss! If your pool is in need of some serious TLC before the warm temperatures arrive or if you’re looking for regular pool care maintenance, give us a call today at 844-775-2742! We’ll keep your pool cannonball ready at all times. Happy cleaning!