Additional Pool Services of North Plano Frisco, Texas

In over your head? Pool Scouts offers a menu of services to meet your swimming pool needs! Check out some of our additional services below:

Two Pool Scouts techs cleaning a pool in the backyardKickstart Pool Service

For those of you who keep your swimming pool open year-round, we haven’t forgotten about you! You’ve been staring at your beautiful pool all winter long, but the truth is your pool needs some TLC before you plunge in. Our Kickstart Pool Cleaning Service includes pool water testing, water shock, balancing, removing debris, blowing off the pool deck, scrubbing the water edge tile, and checking of all pool equipment. We’ll leave your pool balanced, healthy and swim-ready when you are!

Green Pool Service

When chemical levels are thrown off, it can cause algae to grow in the pool, turning the pool water green. When this happens, it is necessary to “shock” the water with chemicals in order to kill the algae and return the pool levels back to normal. Pool water without chemicals, especially if it has an algae problem, is unsafe to swim in, and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Let us do the dirty work and you’ll be shocked at the difference we can make within just a couple of days!


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