Pool Scouts offer end of the season Closing Service to ensure your pool and pool equipment is properly prepped for the off season months.

Pool Closing Service Checklist

Pool Scouts Closing ServiceClosing service visits include:

  • Remove all leaves and debris from the pool
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Backwash the filter system
  • Lower water to the appropriate level
  • Test water and add wintering chemicals as needed
  • Drain pump and heater
  • Plug returns and skimmers
  • Remove and store deck equipment (ladders and handrails etc…)
  • Inspect and Install the winter cover
  • Blow off pool deck area and equipment pad

*Prices may vary depending on the condition of the pool. 

If you still have questions about our pool closing service or would like to book your pool closing, give us a call at 571-762-0494 or fill out a form to the right.