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Pool Maintenance During Winter Freezes

When freezing temperatures come to Dallas, here’s what we recommend to prepare your pool and avoid preventable damages.

  • It is NOT necessary to run your pool heater during a freeze.
  • If you have a freeze guard, it is designed to activate when the ambient temperature gets low.
  • Keep the pool equipment running. When there is a hard freeze, keeping the water moving helps the water keep from freezing.
  • Make sure the pool water isn’t low. Add water before the freezing weather hits. Proper water level is needed so that the pool pump stays primed. The pump can lose its prime in low water levels. If your water hose has already frozen, you can’t add water to the pool so add water ahead of time.
  • If you lose power for an extended time period, drain your equipment before it freezes. Do NOT drain your pool, only the pool equipment. Locate the equipment’s drain plugs ahead of time so you can avoid searching for them in the dark or icy conditions. You should drain equipment that holds water, such as pumps, booster pumps, heaters and filters. If you have a heat pump or salt cell, simply loosen their plumbing unions.
    • TIP: put all drain plugs in your pump basket to prevent losing them!
  • Turn off the power to the equipment if you drain it due to power outage. You do not want the equipment to restart on its own when the power is restored.
  • Consider covering your equipment with a tarp to retain warmth. However: covering equipment is not necessary if you maintain power, and could pose a fire risk if near a heat source or wiring.

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Contact us with Question or for Freeze Service / Repairs

If you experience a power loss at your pool, whether due to blackout or from turning the system off yourself, make sure all pool equipment has been shut off and the circuit breakers to your equipment have also been turned off. Do not power your system back on and assume everything will work, if there is any damage from the freeze or the lines are still frozen, starting your system back up may cause additional issues. Call us at 682-499-2400 – we will have a qualified technician to access the system for you!