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About Pool Scouts

While having a pool can be the most rewarding home amenity, the upkeep that comes with it can prevent pool owners from getting to enjoy their pools. In fact, it can actually add more work and stress than not having a pool at all.

With that being said, how many times have you tried hiring a “pool guy” to service your pool, only to have a no-show or a pool that’s been halfway serviced? Finding the right pool care provider that will reduce stress and energy can be a challenge.

Pool Scouts is Changing the Pool Service Industry

Pool Scouts offers something the other pool guys don’t – professionalism and reliability. We show up when we say we’re going to, and don’t quit until the job is done to your satisfaction. You can finally get back to enjoying your days with family and friends in the pool instead of spending your time maintaining it!

Pool Scouts Mission

Our mission is to provide perfect pools. When you’re happy with the pool service we’ve provided, we know we’ve done our job. If you’re ever not satisfied with the pool service provided by Pool Scouts, we promise to come back and make it right, as part of our 5-Star Guarantee. Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.

Going Beyond Pool Care

Providing excellent pool care is our top priority, but we also value you and your family’s safety while enjoying a clean swimming pool. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Hope Floats Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of learning to swim. During Water Safety Month (every May!) we raise donations from customers to provide swim lessons to underprivileged children and spread the message of the importance of water safety. To find out more about our efforts and the Hope Floats Foundation, visit our Water Safety page.

To find out more about Pool Scouts, give us a call at 844-775-2742.