Pool technician sweeping pool as part of pool service

Argh, I Need To Deal With The Pool!

If you are a pool owner and a pool owner like me, you’ve uttered the words in this blog title once or twice, “Argh, I need to deal with the pool!” This time of year in addition to raking the leaves and cleaning out the gutters, dealing with the pool is one of the bigger to-do’s on the list. While caring for your pool can be time consuming, confusing and let’s face it, a bit of an annoyance, it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to your pool, you have options. Whether you decide to have a chlorine or salt water pool, you have a choice. If you decide to heat or not heat your pool, you have a choice. Or if you’ll have a vinyl or gunite pool, you have a choice. Well good news, when it comes with pool maintenance this winter, you have a choice!

For those pool owners who live in milder climates, and that would include anyone Maryland and south you have the option to leave your pool open in the winter months. While there are some very valid reasons for closing a pool during the winter months, there are some good reasons for leaving open year round. Check out the pros and cons of each.

Good Reasons To Close Your Pool This Winter

  • Safety for your pets and small children
  • Minimize wear and tear on your pool equipmentWinterize Pool, Cover, Close, Pool
  • Increases the life of your pool
  • Helps to keep the Fall and Winter elements out of your pool
  • Freezing temps and pipes bursts potential

Freezing pipes is the number one concern when it comes to keeping your pool open year-round. Simply put, when water freezes it expands there is the potential for pipes or equipment to be damaged. Properly draining your filter, pump, skimmer, and return lines during the closing process will help to ensure that your equipment does not crack during the cold winter months resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Additionally, covering your pool offers convenience. It will help reduce the leaves and debris that end up in your pool and if you take time to close your pool properly, the opening process can be much easier in the Spring.

Reasons to consider keeping your pool open during the winter months

  • Minimize costs for the closing and opening process
  • No need to worry about condition of or ordering a new cover
  • Keeps equipment running and minimizes minor repairs needed when opening season arrives
  • Minimal chemicals needed to rebalance water when warmer temps return
  • Aesthetically, it looks awfully pretty to see a pool surrounded by snow

Some important things to keep in mind should you decide to keep your pool open through the winter months:
The filter will still need to run 4-5 hours a day (compared to the 10-12 hours recommended during the summer months)
Should temps drop below freezing, run pump continually so pipes don’t freeze during this time
Pool should be maintained and checked bi-weekly or monthly, which Pool Scouts is happy to do during the winter months

The other choice you have in all of this is that you can allow your local pool professional manage and maintain your pool for you, giving you back the time and luxury of enjoying a pool! Pool Scouts can be that pool professional and will happily maintain or close your pool this season!

Pool Scouts uses a thorough checklist for all visits including closings. As a customer, you will come to expect a different level of professionalism, communication and clarity of how your pool is being maintained. Our promise is Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor!


Virginia Beach, VA-based Pool Scouts is a premier pool service franchise focused on delivering a quality, consistent brand experience while providing pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services at residential properties. Technicians are trained in testing, monitoring, treating and servicing pools and can provide ongoing service as well as help at the beginning and end of the summer season. Growing from its first location in Virginia Beach, Pool Scouts offers a great opportunity as a low cost franchise in the pool services industry with available territories across the United States. For more information or franchising opportunities, visit PoolScoutsFranchise.com.