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Pool Cleaning in Boise

Your pool should be a source of joy, not a chore! Pool Scouts of Boise is here to transform your pool experience with our premier pool cleaning service. Our Scouts are experts who bring professional, reliable, and trustworthy service right to your backyard. With a commitment to excellence, Pool Scouts takes pool cleaning to new depths with our 5-star service. We offer recurring and specialty pool cleaning services for your every pool need. 

Pool Cleaning ServicePool Scouts technician cleaning a skimmer basket

Dive into hassle-free pool ownership with Pool Scouts’ recurring pool cleaning service. Our recurring services are tailor-made to keep your pool sparkling and inviting at all times, saving you the time and effort of regular upkeep. With Pool Scouts, you get more than just a pool cleaning service; you get a partner who is invested in making sure you have the best service possible. Our experts will be the friendly faces you’ll be happy to see in your backyard, ensuring your pool is in its prime so you can focus on creating lasting memories with your family. Our trained team of professionals closely follows our pool cleaning checklist with every visit to ensure your pool is always clean and clear.

Our Pool Cleaning Checklist

  • Removing leaves and debris from the pool surface
  • Cleaning the tile surface at the waterline
  • Emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket(s) and the pump strainer basket(s)
  • Cleaning or backwashing the filter
  • Checking the filter pressure
  • Checking the equipment for proper operation and potential leaks
  • Vacuuming the pool bottom
  • Performing water testing
  • Adding any required chemicals to balance the pool water
  • Blowing off pool deck area and equipment pad
*Debris removal subject to condition of pool upon arrival.

*Vacuuming available at an additional charge.

Green Pool Service

If your pool’s taken on a green tinge, Pool Scouts of Boise will save the day with our exceptional green to clean pool service. Pools can turn green for various reasons – be it algae, imbalanced chemicals, or filtration issues. Our pool experts are well-versed in identifying the cause and choosing a treatment plan accordingly. Our green to clean pool service is not just about restoring the crystal-clear waters; it’s about sustaining them so you can enjoy uninterrupted family pool time. Learn more about our green to clean pool service here


If you’re still deciding on a pool cleaning company, consider these five important factors to help make your decision.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Pool Company

  1. Cost: The price of pool service can vary significantly among different companies. It is crucial to look beyond the cost alone and consider other factors, as lower prices can often mean lower quality. At Pool Scouts, we prioritize professionalism and provide high-quality pool service at a fair and competitive price.
  2. Licensing and Insurance: It is important to check that the company you choose is licensed and insured. At Pool Scouts, we go the extra mile by conducting background checks, providing thorough training, and obtaining certifications for all our technicians. This ensures the professionalism and reliability we promise to our customers.
  3. What’s Included in Recurring Pool Service: Before committing to a pool cleaning company, it is essential to know precisely what services are included. This can vary greatly from one company to another. At Pool Scouts, we have a comprehensive pool cleaning checklist in place to ensure consistency and thoroughness in our work. We meticulously check off each item every time we service your pool.
  4. Customer Reviews: Hearing from other customers is an excellent way to gauge the quality of a company’s service. Reviews provide valuable feedback from your neighbors and offer insights into a company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Cleaning Frequency: Regular pool cleaning is essential, typically requiring weekly maintenance. Whether you opt for weekly pool service from a professional company or choose bi-weekly service and handle minor cleanings yourself in between, maintaining a consistent weekly cleaning schedule is crucial for a healthy and pristine pool.

To find out more about our pool cleaning service or to schedule service, give us a call at 208-556-4548.