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Dreaming Of Summer? Tips To Have Your Pool Ready When Warmer Temps Hit

At the Pool Scouts’ headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA, we’ve been spoiled with some summer-like weather even though it’s the dead of winter. This week was downright beach weather. Yes, it was that nice out! Granted, the water was freezing, but the weather was splendid.

What is it about that warm weather that makes us feel so good? As a former New Englander, I love the winters. I spent my childhood skiing and sledding on the weekends and building snow forts on snow days. It was the best! Now living in the south, I don’t miss those freezing cold days, and while I still enjoy a snowfall once in awhile, I don’t miss the blizzard conditions.

Woman in sunglasses at the beach looking towards the sunScience tells us that there is a chemical reason why we crave sunshine. Sunshine provides us vitamin D which is essential to good health. Vitamin D helps to fight illnesses, boosts weight loss, and even helps to fight depression.

What does this have to do with pools? These warm weekends are giving us a taste of what’s to come and believe it or not, warm weather will be here before you know it. That means pool owners need to start thinking about getting their swimming pool ready for summer. Whether you covered your pool this winter or left it open, we have some tips to make sure your pool is swim ready and your backyard is party worthy when the temperatures rise over the next few months!

Spring Time Pool Opening Tips:

  1. Open Your Pool Early. The earlier you open and/or kickstart your pool, the less algae growth you’ll see, which ends to bloom more in warm weather.
  2. Protect Your Pool Surface and Liner. Heightened algae growth can be detrimental to your pool surface and liner, causing discoloration and staining.
  3. Keep equipment working smoothly. Equipment that sits dormant for too long can prove to cause issues at the beginning of the season. Minimize time that pumps and motors are shut down.
  4. Schedule Your Opening or Kickstart Service: Be sure to call your local Pool Scouts to get on the schedule! We offer full pool opening service as well as a kickstart openings.

Spring Gardening Tips From Better Homes and Gardens:

  1. Prep the beds. Remove older mulch from the winter, or if well composted, work into the top layer of the soil.
  2. Trim the shrubs. Spring is the time to prune, prior to blooming. On flowering bushes, be sure to prune above the buds to avoid cutting potential flower blooms!
  3. Plant those annuals. If you’ve been housing plants or growing veggies indoors during winter, late spring is the time to bring them out into the sunshine.
  4. Apply fresh mulch. If you mulch now, you’ll avoid weeding come summer time.
  5. Maintain the hardscape: Now is the time to repair patios and decks or refinish before the weather gets hot.

Tips To Have Your Pool Ready When Warmer Temps Hit

As we all grind through these winter months, some lucky enough to get a sneak peek of what’s to come, we encourage you to dream of summer! As one famous snowman once said, “I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot!” He was on to something!

Be sure to reach out to your local Pool Scouts with any questions or concerns about your pool, or to schedule your springtime service so your pool is cannonball ready when you are!