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Fun in the Fourth of July Sun

Proud to be an American and ready to rock the red, white, and blue? Well, it’s your time to shine! On the Fourth of July in 1776, the Continental Congress of America adopted the Declaration of Independence. The federal holiday, also known as Independence Day, has been celebrated yearly ever since. You’re in luck, because July is right around the corner and this is the perfect opportunity to invite your neighbors and friends over to the backyard for a one-of-a-kind patriotic pool party. Here are eight unique party planning ideas that will appeal to not only those giddy grown-ups, but also the little ones. Start planning early and you’ll have a party worth talking about until next year’s!

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Ideas to Delight Your Pool Guests this 4th of July

  1. Of course, decorations should be red, white, and blue. Don’t worry, this won’t be hard at all. You can even allow your kids to join in on the fun and make it a bonding activity. Cover mason jars in red, white, and blue duct-tape or paint and put eating utensils in them. Place the jars at the end of your classic cookout buffet line. Choose a bright, patriotically spirited table-cloth!
  2. Decorate the area surrounding your pool with miniature American flags and fill the pool with red, white, and blue noodles and floating devices. String red, white, and blue bandanas or festive decorative garlands between trees and spray paint stars on the lawn.
  3. Don’t forget the music! Play catchy, upbeat tunes to set the happy tone of the party and keep the energy alive.
  4. Fill red, white, and blue balloons with water and divide your guests into teams of two for a water balloon toss. Each time a balloon is tossed without bursting, have them take a step back so they are further apart. This might not be fun to clean up, but it is well-worth the laughter.
  5. Conduct a cannonball contest. The kids love these, but the dads usually win.
  6. Throw red and blue diving sticks into the pool and divide the guests into two teams. Team one has to collect all of the red sticks and team two has to collect all of the blue sticks. Whichever team finishes first, wins.
  7. Hand out sparklers to all of the guests when the sun starts to go down–this will make for awesome pictures to commemorate the event!
  8. While having fun is the most important part of a party, don’t forget to keep it safe. Before your party starts, go over safety rules with the kiddos and make sure these rules are listed where everyone can see them in at least one spot outside the pool. Nothing takes the fun out of a party like worrying, so hire a designated lifeguard-on-duty to watch the pool during the party. This will make for tons of unforgettable stress-free fun for everyone.

Perfect Pool for the Holiday

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be perfect without the perfect pool. Be sure to reach out to Pool Scouts to get your pool serviced either in anticipation for the big bash or after to help clean up post fun! You may be exhausted after pulling of this great party, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s bash!


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