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Hiring Rates Struggling to Keep Up with Customer Demand in Service Industry

As COVID-19 cases are rapidly decreasing, mandates are being lifted throughout the country. Summer is quickly approaching and we are getting that much closer to start living a “normal” life again. People might feel more comfortable being around others outside of their immediate circle, and are getting out more! With the newfound confidence to go out in public and socialize, restaurants are filling up. Demand for home services and other service-based business models is also the highest we’ve seen in years.

Customer Demand Rising More Quickly Than Employment

Customer demand is rising more quickly than businesses can hire though to fulfill this new increased demand. Many businesses had to let employees go at the start of COVID-19, and are still trying to gain an adequate level of staff to keep up with the rising volume of customers.

On almost every restaurant’s website or in their window you’ll see “Now Hiring” messaging front and center. With almost all businesses currently hiring, job-seekers are able to be more selective with employment opportunities. This leaves employers in a difficult position, competing with other similar businesses to grab the attention of viable candidates. The same way we’re seeing a seller’s market with housing, it’s an employee’s market in the hiring industry.

Companies Offering Competitive Benefits

In order to stay competitive, companies are getting creative with how they’re getting people to apply. Minimum wage isn’t cutting it like it used to – people expect added perks. What can the employer do for them? This Wall Street Journal article shares that companies are offering a variety of benefits, from signing bonuses, to higher pay and even paying for employees’ college tuition once they’ve worked at a company for a few months. Other businesses are offering referral bonuses, immediate pay, or even bonuses for making it past a certain amount of time without quitting. It’s imperative that companies communicate that they truly value their employees to even be considered as an option.

The Service Industry as a Whole Experiencing Hiring Shortages

While the restaurant industry is one of the industries getting hit the hardest, they’re not alone. The service industry as a whole has struggled over the past few months. It’s become difficult not only to get quality candidates, but to get candidates period.

Pool Scouts has seen some of these same recent challenges with our pool technician recruitment. However, when we do hire new employees after a detailed interview and screening process, we provide a variety of perks and ensure each team member feels valued. And of course, thorough training so they can have the confidence to do the work. At Pool Scouts, employee morale is a top priority.  When employees feel prioritized, they will provide that same level of support to customers and truly care about the work they’re doing. That level of quality and reliability that Pool Scouts provides is more important than getting a pool cleaned as quickly as possible.

Like almost every business, we’re still wading through these hiring challenges to meet the demand for pool cleaning services – especially as more and more people are investing in back yard pools. More so than past years, for many locations we may require advance planning, flexibility and/or patience from our customers when it comes to scheduling. Additionally, if you or someone you know, is looking for work, check out our open job postings around the country. As always, we’re committed to Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.