Dog jumping into a clean swimming pool

How to Keep Your Fur-Babies’ Hair Out of the Pool

The struggle is real. Keeping your swimming pool free from dog hair can be annoyingly difficult, especially if you have furry friends who love to swim. Our fur babies can’t help that they shed, and they deserve to be able to cool off from the summer heat too! We get it…you don’t want dog hair in your pool. BUT, you’re in luck! We are going to give you some preventative measures for keeping dog hair out of your pool and alternative options for keeping your babies cool. Go ahead and try them out…and don’t forget to report back! 

  1. This one is pretty obvious, but regular grooming helps reduce the amount of shedding taking place. Keeping your dog’s coat healthy will naturally decrease the amount of loose hairs on your dog. Brushing your dog before swimming is also helpful for the same reason. 
  2. Maintain proper pool filtration and cleaning. Make sure that your pool’s filtration system stays in  good working condition and cleans  the pool regularly. Backwash or clean the pool filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent clogging from dog hair and other debris.
  3. Create a designated dog area. If you’re completely set on not allowing your dogs in the pool, you should consider designating a shaded spot in the yard to them. Make sure they have water bowls as well. If they are able to keep cool without swimming, they will be less likely to even consider jumping in the pool with you. 
  4. If you do let your dogs into the pool, don’t allow them to dry off near the pool. As they dry off, dog  hair may end up in the water. Find a post-swimming spot away from your pool and keep them there. 
  5. Rinse your dogs off before swimming. A gentle hose-off can help remove loose hair prior to getting in the pool, which will reduce the amount of hair that falls off while swimming. Maybe even consider creating a rinsing station just for this purpose.
  6. Place a skimmer sock or a pool skimmer net over the skimmer basket to catch any dog hair before the hair reaches the filtration system. These products are made to trap debris and are easily replaceable. 
  7. Skim or vacuum the pool after your dog swims in it. If you make sure to remove all floating hair after each use, the pool will be more likely to stay hair-free. 
  8. Use a pet gate, fence, or any physical barrier around the perimeter of the pool area  to keep them from entering – especially when they’re outside without supervision. 
  9. Provide water alternatives. Perhaps buy an inflatable or foldable pool just for them! If they have a little pool of their own, their desire to be in the big pool will not be as great.
  10. Invest in a high-quality pool filter specifically made for pet hair handling.  Look for filters with fine mesh or cartridges that can capture particles as small as fine hairs. 
  11.  Buy a water-resistant doggy cover-up or jacket and allow them in the pool only if they are wearing it. These doggy garments cover their bodies and trap loose hair, preventing it from getting in the water. 
  12. Maintain proper water chemistry. Regularly check and maintain the pool’s water chemistry. Balanced water with appropriate levels of sanitizers and pH can help prevent hair from clumping together and floating in the pool.

It’s time to put these tips to the test and (hopefully) bid farewell to those perturbing dog hair floaters in your pool and say hello to fur-free waters. With these paw-some tips and tricks, you can keep your pool looking fabulous and avoid doggy-hair disasters. From brushing your pups regularly to buying them a pool of their own, you’re taking proactive steps to keep those furballs from making a splash. You can take a crisp, cool, dip and let your newfound hair-free happiness shine. And to all you dog moms and dog dads out there – happy swimming!