Little girl swimming in a pool

Incorporate the Pool When Kids go Back to School

While summer has come to a close and the children are back to school, the weather remains warm and virtual learners remain in the house. Swimming pools are a great way to provide entertainment for the kids when not in class. They can also be incorporated into school to make learning fun, or to encourage kids to take much needed screen breaks. Here are some fun and easy ways to incorporate your pool into the daily virtual learning schedule.

4 Ways to Incorporate Your Pool into Virtual Learning

  1. Home School P.E. There are plenty of ways to exercise in the pool, including swimming laps, kicking with a kickboard, water aerobics, and obstacle courses to name a few. To create an obstacle course, use whatever objects you have around the house, such as hula hoops, beach balls and swim noodles, that you can use as challenges both in and out of the pool. You can change it up to be as easy or difficult as needed depending on the racer’s skill sets. Water basketball is another great way to use the pool for fun physical education.
  2. Screen Breaks. During the day it is important for kids to take breaks from the computer screen and get some fresh air. What better way to give their brain a break than to go outside and lounge by the pool or to take a quick dip? The pool also provides a serene background for yoga and breathing exercises to calm the mind and help focus.
  3.  Learning Games. Pool games are not only fun, they can also be used as a learning tool for your children. There are several fun games you can play with your kids to help reinforce the lessons they are learning in school. For example, you can do a coin toss where you throw different coins to the bottom of the pool and have your child dive down for the coins. Once they’ve collected all the coins in the pool, they count how much they are worth. Interested in more games, including ones to help learn sight words? Click here to find eight more learning games to play.
  4. Two adults lounging in the pool on floats and smilingParent “Me Time.”Let’s face it, having the children learning at home adds another level of stress for parents in charge of the kids. There are moments when you need to step away and relax. Once the kids are settled into their live online courses, take a moment for yourself. Grab your favorite book or a blanket and curl up in a lounge chair by the pool. You will go back inside recharged and ready to deal with the next set of obstacles that comes your way.

To ensure you’re taking full advantage of your pool, let Pool Scouts take care of cleaning and maintaining it for you. You should be focused on enjoying your pool, not cleaning it. Especially with all the busyness that comes with getting the kids back in the school groove. Give Pool Scouts a call at 844-775-2742 so you can get back to swimming!