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Meet-A-Scout: Gabe Jensen, Lead Technician a.k.a. Scout Instructor

**Our “Meet a Scout” blog series introduces you to one of the people that make Pool Scouts great. We’ll offer you a little insight into the members of our team, where they are from and what makes them tick!**

Meet-A-Scout: Gabe Jensen

For this round of “Meet A Scout” we’re introducing you to Gabe Jensen, Lead Pool Technician and “Scout Instructor!”  Gabe came to Pool Scouts from Florida in the very early days of the business and has been an invaluable part of the team since. As our resident Certified Pool Operator, Gabe brings a rich background of experience and skills. He has over 15 years of experience in the pool industry, and quite literally grew up in the business. Gabe’s family owns and operates a retail pool business and Gabe spent many hours at a young age learning about the trade. In addition to being our “Scout Instructor”, he is affectionately known as Scout MacGyver. Gabe can fix, patch, or build almost anything from the most obscure objects! One of his recent masterpieces is a Gabe original filter, built and installed on one of our customer’s pools that just wasn’t clearing. It worked like a charm!

At Pool Scouts, Gabe oversees and trains all local staff along with training franchise owners and their own staff. Even with all his years of experience, Gabe would be the first to admit that he, too, continues to learn about the complexities of the pool business and furthers his education by staying abreast of new information and developments in the industry.

We stole a few minutes of Gabe’s time to get to know him better.

What led you to work for Pool Scouts?

The Opportunity! My entire (almost) working career has been based around the pool industry. I love the industry and want to make an impact on how business should be conducted. I think we have the best vision and can remove the stigma that most associate with our industry.

What is your favorite part about your position at Pool Scouts?

I love the opportunity to train new franchisees about our trade. Our business is so dynamic that it is impossible to learn it overnight, but progress is overwhelming.

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What are the biggest strengths professionally that you bring to the Pool Scouts team?

Experience, skill, passion for the industry, a sense of humor and a big heart (Gabe would never write this about himself so I added it in).

If you could donate $1 million to any charity, which charity would it be and why?

Autism Speaks, I have a personal connection to this cause and stand behind this organization’s efforts.

If you were shipwrecked, what three items would you want to land on shore with you?

Lighter, Knife, Shovel (That is all he would need to build a boat and MacGyver his way back to civilization!)

If you could invite three people to a party, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Any of the Minnesota Vikings!

What’s your favorite room in your house and why?

The Bathroom – quietest room in the house (three boys in the house…their mom is fully out-numbered).

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I grew up wanting to fly planes and even considered joining the Navy to fly fighter jets but unfortunately couldn’t do so because of a heart condition. I’ve begun the process to get my pilot’s license and look forward to completing it!



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