Pool chemicals on shelf

Navigating the Shortage of Pool Supplies this Season

We’ve officially reached the infamously indecisive month of March. Some days are warm and sunny while other days feel comparable to the harshest of winters. Thankfully, daylight savings is sneaking up on us, the sun is finally starting to grace us with its presence more consistently, and soon enough, we will be ditching the jackets, scarves, and boots! With spring just around the corner, many of you are gearing up for the much-anticipated pool season. 

This year has brought new hardships, but our excellent track record is proof that no obstacle is unmanageable. Ever since 2020, the list of trials and tribulations that accompany your annual prep for pool-season-kickoff has only lengthened. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a spike in the demand for recreational activities and entertainment in the home. Naturally, this resulted in a scarcity of necessary supplies and an inflation of their respective prices. During the summer of 2021, a large fire at a Louisiana chemical plant induced an extreme shortage of chlorine tablets used for residential pool cleaning. Before we could even begin to recover, a late winter storm in Texas caused a quick decline in the production of resin and other materials used to manufacture residential swimming-pool pumps and filtration systems. When 2021 ended once and for all, the new year brought with it high hopes for a fresh start and yet another hard hit–the large fire in New Jersey that spread over Qualco Inc., a chemical plant that produces the chemicals used for swimming pools and spas. Exhausted yet? 

Luckily, there’s no need to be! Despite the steady uphill battle over the last couple years, Pool Scouts has persistently come to the rescue of our valued customers. Our priority is to ensure that pool season remains fun-filled and stress-free. Here at Pool Scouts, we offer a variety of services to meet all of your needs–a few of which include weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning, recurring pool maintenance, and detailed one-time pool services to improve the overall cleanliness and condition of your pool. We also offer a multitude of other specialty services, like seasonal opening and closing services, green pool services, salt water conversion, kickstart pool services, etc. In addition to our extensive catalog of services, we have solutions to all of the challenges you’ve been forced to encounter due to recent events. Our valuable partnerships with renowned and reliable pool suppliers give us access to the materials you can’t seem to find anywhere. Working with Pool Scouts means you can finally take that much-needed deep breath, put your feet up, and let us handle the hassle for you.

Again, we know the struggle is real for all of the pool-owners out there, but you’re in good hands. With the help and expertise of our highly-trained technicians, your pool season will go swimmingly. We’ve got your back. We aren’t leaving before you are 100% satisfied, because until then, we aren’t either. Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.