Probably everyone’s favorite spot in the backyard, a pool is your very own oasis in your private space called home. It is your at-home recreation haven where fun and relaxation converge. As such, it is something you want to keep nice and safe for everyone and for a long time.

Pool Scouts Cleaning ServiceIf you have the know-how about how it’s done, you can DIY clean your pool regularly using tools and chemicals. However entrusting the job to the professional pool cleaners at Pool Scouts will save you the time and the effort while you get a professional, hassle-free and cost-efficient service.

It takes diligence and commitment to maintain a pool and employing expert service is a good option if you don’t have the time, skills and energy to do it on your own. And if it is a public pool facility you need to maintain, it is even more recommended.

Pool care is not just about removing debris from the pool and adding chlorine to the water. It takes a full spectrum of work to ensure that it is clean, safe, and kept in good condition to last you many years.

Our team of certified and background checked technicians are highly trained and equipped with the latest in technology, gadgets, and supplies to ensure proficient handling of your pool’s maintenance whether inground or above ground. We take pride in our experience and technical know-how to satisfy our clients’ wide range of pool care needs.

We offer weekly, monthly and one-time service visits to help you keep your pool running well and in top shape as a pool is all about function and form.

Our pool cleaning services include:

  • Removing leaves and debris from pool surface. Because nothing spoils water fun more than unwanted floaters swimming with you.
  • Skimming and vacuuming the pool floor to keep your pool clean from the inside out.
  • Cleaning tile surface at the waterline. There should be no room for dirt marks.
  • Emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket(s) and the pump strainer basket(s) to keep them working well.
  • Cleaning the backwash filter. This hardworking guy needs a good upkeep.
  • Checking the filter pressure to prevent and resolve any glitch.
  • Checking the equipment for proper operation and potential leaks. Best done by trained technicians to ensure the operational efficiency of your pool equipment.
  • Water testing and adding any required chemicals to keep the pool water balanced and healthy for use. We measure the pool’s Free Available Chlorine (FAC) and Total Available Chlorine (TAC), pH, total alkalinity etc. and address what needs to be corrected accordingly.
  • Blowing off of pool deck area and equipment pad to keep not only the pool but its surrounding area clean and safe.

With our pool cleaning services you and your family can enjoy a worry free pool time. We are here to be your partner in keeping your pool looking and functioning at its best.