Getting your pool ready again for the season is more than just removing its cover. In order to ensure that your pool whether inground or above ground, public or private, is safe and ready for use, it requires a thorough checking of its structural and any mechanical parts and accessories, not to forget a thorough cleaning. This cannot be compromised if you want to enjoy a fun and worry-free pool experience.

Pool Scouts Opening ServiceAt Pool Scouts, we employ professionally trained and certified technicians to ensure that your pool gets all the treatment and care it needs before it is ready for use. We use state-of-the-art equipment, top quality water treatment, and up-to-date technology to make your pool clean, safe, and sturdy for use.

Here’s what we at Pool Scouts do to make your pool ready and running again:

  • We remove and clean the cover and prepare it for storage. This heavy lifting and thorough cleaning of loose debris, careful lifting and folding, is always done with professional care.
  • We remove plugs and prepare pool lines to make sure that the drainage works well and there’s no clogging.
  • We care for your safety and comfort while in the pool and out of it so we also blow off pool deck area, as well as equipment pad for overall cleanliness.
  • We thoroughly inspect the pool shell for any visible damage, cracks or tears. An examination best done by experts to ensure safety.
  • We re-install and examine skimmer baskets so they can effectively trap large debris and objects and keep them from getting into the pool’s pump or filter.
  • We also check and reinstall deck equipment such as handrails and ladders. Like we said, we want you to enjoy a clean and safe pool experience.
  • We clean and brush the waterline methodically. We vacuum and clear every inch of the pool of dirt and debris.
  • All the technical aspects of your pool that need expert checking is handled by us to get them ready without a hitch. This includes starting and priming the pool pump and inspecting the filtration system to ensure proper function.
  • We then fill the pool with water at its optimum level and treat the water for a balanced pool water chemistry to make it safe, hygienic, and ready for a whole lot of splash!

Getting your pool ready for the new season doesn’t have to be daunting. Our pool opening service provides all that your pool requires and more. With our technicians who are all background-checked and certified to do professional pool work, we water down your worry so you can just let your energy flow!