Clean swimming pool after pool opening

Pool Openings 101

For pool owners across the country, rising temperatures means summertime and getting the pool ready! This task jumps to the top of the to do list every spring! While many in the southern, warmer areas of the country don’t have to worry about pool opening service, the majority of pool owners debate when and how to get their pool open and ready in a timely manner.

Get Your Pool Opening on the Books

It never fails that as soon as there is an unusually warm weekend in April, everyone wants their pool open immediately. You can imagine how difficult that can be to manage for any pool service business, so be sure to call and schedule your pool opening early! There is no harm in opening your pool a few weeks early, and wouldn’t you rather have your pool open and ready for the heat than sweating out that first heat wave without a backyard oasis to dive into? So pick up the phone now and get it on the books for when you want it to happen. Scheduling early means you get your preferred date on the schedule and peace of mind to boot.

The Opening Breakdown

Whether you decide to open your pool yourself or leave it to the professionals, there is a standard practice and procedure for opening your pool. So, let’s get to it:

  1. First things first, that cover needs to come off. This is where things can get interesting. The earlier you open your pool and beat the heat, the better your pool will look when the cover comes off and the easier it will be to get it ready for swimmers! But the longer you wait, the more opportunity the algae has to feed and reproduce, creating a beautiful swamp! That means extra time and steps to get your pool clean and clear.
  2. Get with the flow. Next you want to remove any return plugs and replace filter plugs that were removed to drain the lines.
  3. It’s time to declutter! Any debris needs to be removed from your pool. That might mean scooping if there is an excess or vacuuming if your pool cover did its job. Take your time to remove as much debris as possible, as this will make getting the water clear that much easier.
  4. Let the magic happen. So now that we’ve removed the cover, prepped the lines to start moving water, and removed most of the debris, we can test the water. Testing the water will determine the next steps in the process, and this is really where experience comes in to play. To get the pool water crystal clear, several products and steps might be required to get the pool swim-ready.
  5. Maintenance is key. Once you get your pool cannonball ready, it is important to take steps to keep it that way. Unless your pool is serviced weekly, it is important to empty skimmer baskets, manage pump schedule based on temperatures and if your pool starts to turn green, catch it early and treat as soon as possible!

Opening Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

Opening a pool takes a lot of hard work. In addition to the heavy lifting, it can be a dirty job dealing with pounds of debris and even critters who’ve taken up residence in the murky waters.

While many decide to open their pools by themselves, pool professionals can make the process more efficient and set your pool up for summer success. Pool Scouts has a 10 point check list they complete when opening a pool, and while it may be frustrating that it can take more than one visit, this is to ensure a well-balanced, clear pool for the duration of the summer vacation! Give us a call today at 844-775-2742 to schedule your pool opening and make sure you’re ready for summer.