Back patio with brick wall and table and chairs

Quick Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Pop

Ah, spring! That first warm day after a long winter is unbeatable. Getting outside and basking in the warm sun makes it the best season of the year. But building the list of to do’s to spruce up the yard makes springtime a love-hate relationship for me. Part of me can’t wait to get out there and get my hands dirty, but as the list keeps growing, it gets a bit daunting.

Let’s skip the dirty work (tree trimming, weeding and planting) and get right to the fun stuff – the final touches! I been busy researching tips for making my backyard and pool to make them an oasis this summer. Some of the trends I am seeing this year include plant walls for privacy and ambiance, furniture flips to make the old new and colorful again, and upgrading the lighting to make your yard more like an additional living space.

Tips for Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

There are so many ideas out there, but I decided to go to my fellow marketers to find out what their favorite ways are to decorate their outdoor spaces:

I’m all about candles, I get pretty holders that add a pop of color to my backyard area, the bonus is that they’re also great for keeping the bugs away. – Kyle, Graphic Designer

Outdoor Pool Patio DecorI keep cushions and outdoor decor in plastic totes in my shed so it is easy to grab and set up.  I like to use bright colors and easy to clean items to keep it fun but simple.  – Amy, Dir of Direct Mail

I’m a big fan of a good outdoor rug. We put one on our patio and it made it feel so much more homey, but also brings color into the space. – Julie, Marketing Manager

Do not being afraid to use fun pops of color, throw pillows, rugs, and don’t forget the flowers and plants. A small citrus tree can do wonders for a space. – Bridget, Online Marketing Manager

I’m a big fan of bistro lights. They’re a classy, easy way to brighten up any patio or yard, and you don’t need a lot of them to have a dramatic effect. Plus, they can double as holiday lights during the winter months! -Tracey, Marketing Assistant

Bistro Lights by pool patioMy tip is to use lighting to set the mood and personality of your space. It used to be the only option for lighting your outdoor space was Christmas lights but now you can get really creative with unique lanterns, string lights, Edison lights and more. It’s an easy way to make a big difference. -Angela, VP of Marketing

A few ideas I would love to incorporate include using a bar cart as a cute and convenient way to have beverages and snacks at arm’s reach. Additionally, hanging art on fences and in outdoor seating areas can really bring color outside and tie the space together. -Amanda, Online Marketing Specialist

Don’t Forget About The Pool

The most important component of a luxurious, comfortable back yard is a sparkling pool! I love looking out my back window to see a clean, inviting pool. Pool Scouts can help, whether it is answering your pool maintenance questions or showing up on time to get and keep your pool swim-ready all summer long. Have fun decorating your outdoor space and we look forward to helping you keep your pool pristine.