Pool with a safety cover for the winter season

SAFE AND STYLISH: Benefits of Pool Safety Covers and When to Buy a New One

Pools are the heart of outdoor entertainment and relaxation, and some of you are lucky enough to have your very own backyard oasis! But amidst all the pool parties and poolside ~chill~, safety and water health should be your top priorities. And, great news! Pool safety covers can handle both! 

Let’s (safely) dive into the advantages of pool safety covers and learn when it’s time to replace yours. 

Advantages of Pool Safety Covers: 

  1. Ensures Peace of Mind: When your pool is securely covered, you no longer have to worry about your young children, pets, or anyone else wandering to the pool deck and falling in. Accidents DO happen and safety covers guarantee that those you care about are safe from drowning. 
  2. Less Maintenance: Safety covers keep your pool cleaner, thus requiring less maintenance. The amount of unwanted debris to enter the pool is much less when there is a cover of protection blocking it out. 
  3. Savings: Using a safety cover can help conserve energy AND chemical usage. It prevents water evaporation and reduces exposure to the sun, ultimately saving you money 
  4. Aesthetic: Pool safety covers can be visually appealing, believe it or not. There are many options for customization, which means you can purchase covers that are complementary to the landscape of your yard. Exciting, right?!
  5. Algae Prevention: Safety covers play a pertinent part in preventing algae growth during the off-season. Less exposure to sunlight means less opportunity for algae to thrive.
  6. Increased Home Value: Potential buyers are most likely going to be more interested in properties with pools if they come equipped with safety covers. By displaying a pool cover, you are demonstrating responsible pool ownership, which is attractive. 

Is It Time for a New Safety Cover? Here’s How You Know

  1. Visible Wear and Tear: This one is probably self explanatory. If you notice visible wear and tear in your safety cover, you should be aware that it is no longer functioning at its full potential. 
  2. Difficulty in Closing and Opening: Pool safety covers should seamlessly glide open and shut. If this isn’t the case for yours, it could be an indication of mechanical issues or even deterioration. 
  3. Discoloration: This one is for those of you who take aesthetic appeal more seriously than others (Fine to care, fine not to care! Neither way is wrong!) If your safety cover has become one big eyesore in your backyard and it bothers you, it’s probably time for you to invest in a new one!
  4. Age: Most covers last 6-10 years, depending on care and maintenance. 

A pool safety cover is much more than a public indicator that your pool is now closed. It’s an investment in the health and safety of your family and friends, it’s a backyard oasis upgrade, it’s an increase in the value of your home, and it’s a silent money saver. Not to mention, your life will be much easier when it’s time to open again! What’s not to love? 

If you’ve made the decision to get a pool cover, give Pool Scouts a call. Our technicians are fully trained to install pool covers, helping to protect and prolong the life of your pool.