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Specialty Pool Services and Maintenance

In over your head? Pool Scouts offers a menu of services to meet your swimming pool needs! Check out some of our additional services below:

Pool Scouts Liner Replacement

We’re excited to now offer high-quality liner replacement services to help you refresh the appearance and improve the functionality and safety of your pool. With our team of experts, we handle everything from assessment to installation efficiently and quickly. Choose from our wide selection of premium, stylish liners to complement your pool’s design. In addition to improving the appearance of your pool, replacing your old liner also helps prevent leaks and reduce slip and fall risks. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our experienced professionals and learn more about our liner replacement services.

Safety Cover Replacements

Pool Scouts offers durable pool safety cover replacements designed to protect and prolong the life of your pool. Our covers shield against debris, ensuring your pool will be better maintained throughout the winter months. Safety features prevent accidental drowning and unauthorized access, promoting peace of mind for pool owners. Pool Scouts ensures a seamless experience by offering a hassle-free solution: simply provide us with your old cover, and we’ll take care of the replacement process. Plan ahead and trust in our expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Winter Pool Service

Pool deck in winter with leavesPool Scouts is now offering a monthly Winter Service* to keep your pool area clean in the off season. Our Winter Service includes one visit per month. During each visit, our technicians will check your water level, drain water if needed, and clean off your pool cover, deck, and surrounding areas. We realize how busy the holiday season is and we are happy to help take one thing off your to-do list!

*Service available for pools with mesh covers closed by Pool Scouts only. 

Kickstart Service

Pool Scouts technician skimming a pool with a pool netFor those of you who keep your pool open year-round, we haven’t forgotten about you! You’ve been staring at your beautiful pool all winter long, but the truth is your pool needs some TLC before you plunge in. Our Kickstart Service includes water testing, water shock, balance, remove debris, blow off the pool deck, scrub water edge tile and check of all equipment. Leaving your pool balanced, clean, healthy, and swim ready when you are!

Minor Pool Repair Service

Having trouble getting your pool clear and sparkling blue? Typically that means your pool equipment may need some maintenance. Whether it is in need of a filter cleaning, a new pump, or even simply a new timer, Pool Scouts can help!

Stay ahead of pool equipment issues and ensure your pool is always swim-ready by becoming a regular customer of Pool Scouts. Our technicians check equipment each time they service your pool, staying ahead of the game with any issues that may arise.

Pool net skimming a swimming pool

Pool Equipment Replacement and Installation

Is it time to replace that old pool pump or pool cover? Call Pool Scouts and we will take care of all the heavy lifting! We do everything from ordering to installing. Have a specific brand you like? Pool Scouts will give you a list of options, recommendations, and let you pick which product best suits your needs!

Hot Tub and Spa Service

Pool Scouts is here for all your hot tub and spa maintenance needs. The last thing you want to do in the cold winter weather is keep up with cleaning your hot tub. Pool Scouts is well-versed in proactively keeping your hot tub clean so that you can focus on enjoying it!

Green Pool Service

When chemical levels are thrown off, it can cause algae to grow in the pool, turning the pool water green. When this happens, it is necessary to “shock” the water with chemicals in order to kill the algae and return the pool levels back to normal. Water without chemicals, especially if it has an algae problem, is unsafe to swim in, and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Let us do the dirty work and you’ll be shocked at the difference we can make within just a couple of days!

Don’t see what you are looking for? Our trained technicians are well versed in multiple services Give us a call at 757-215-9850 to learn how we can help you!