Pumkin next to a clean pool

Ways to Enjoy Your Pool During Spooky Season

Fall is in full swing, with pumpkin spice everything and scary movies on repeat. Although we’ve transitioned from swim season to spooky season, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your pool during Halloween! Here are a few fun ways that you can celebrate the season while enjoying your backyard, including your swimming pool.

Halloween Pool Decorations

Here are a few different ways you can make your pool the talk of Halloween! Whether you’re hosting people for a Halloween party or just enjoying the backyard with family on weekends, decorate in style with these fun and creative pool ideas.

  • Put floating pumpkins in the pool. If you prefer something a little less spooky and more family friendly, this is a great option since pumpkins can serve as beautiful fall décor. All pumpkins float in water, so you can do varying sizes of pumpkins, from minis to regular. These pops of color look great against a clear blue pool!

Pumpkin floating in swimming pool water

  • Add ghouls in and around your pool. From skeletons to ghosts, there are lots of spooky friend options to keep you and your guests company. You can put your Halloween additions in pool floats, laying out on a lounge chair next to the pool, or even hang ghosts above the pool! Get as creative and silly as you want with it, such as dressing up skeletons in bathing suits and placing a cocktail in their hand.

Skeleton family sitting in chairs in the backyard

  • Turn your pool water red to look like blood. If you want full frightening effects, turning your pool water red will give guests a good scare. You can also add fake body parts to make it even more scary. If you don’t want to turn your pool water red, you can always change the pool light out to be red so that it still gives a spooky red glow.
  • Layer fog over the pool. Nothing says your pool is haunted like a thin layer of fog. Dust off the old fog machine and place strategically so that you get a nice subtle fog over the pool.

Read the full list of spooky pool decorations here.

Other Halloween Backyard Ideas

Make sure to incorporate the rest of the backyard into your Halloween canvas! Here are some additional fun ideas for your yard.

Row of carved pumpkins lit up at night

  • Make a Halloween playlist to enjoy while hanging out in the backyard. If you need ideas, start with songs from Halloween movies and scary shows!
  • Put tombstones around the yard. This is a great and easy way to spook up your yard without too much work. To save a few bucks, you can even make your own! Use this how-to article to make scary or funny tombstones.
  • Hang cobwebs around the backyard. This is another easy and cheap way to decorate your yard and get instant Halloween vibes.
  • Get creative with lighting. Twinkle lights immediately add ambiance for a backyard hangout, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use carved pumpkins as lighting, or swap out the usual string lights for orange lights or pumpkin-shaped lights.

With these easy tips, your pool and backyard will be Halloween-ready! To make sure that your pool is ready for all your ghouls and goblins to admire, give your local Pool Scouts a call! We’ll get it frighteningly clean.