Clean swimming pool with a beach ball

7 Ways to Step up Your Pool Game on a Budget

So you already have a pool, but you feel like something is missing. Or maybe you’ve become so used to having this amenity right in your backyard that it’s suddenly just not enough. Either way, there are ways to spice up your pool without having to completely remodel it. With the addition of some simple accessories, your pool will feel brand new again! Read on and thank us later! 

1. In-pool tanning ledges 

This is the perfect way to make your pool look and feel a little more luxurious than it already is. Guests will be impressed, and let’s face it: wouldn’t you rather catch some rays and get the sunkissed look without feeling miserably hot and sweating your butt off?! 

2. Underwater LED lights

“Wow” your guests (and yourself) by changing the color shining through your pool with some underwater LED lights. These are fun to have for parties and night-swims. Some are controlled with a remote and others are controlled with a smartphone, and they are available in the easiest places to shop like Walmart and Amazon. 

3. Submersible barstools and/or tables. 

Submersible tables and barstools are luxuries you probably don’t realize you need! Imagine being able to put your drink down, refill your cup, or even eat a quick lunch without ever having to get out of the pool. Plus, you might start to think you’re at a resort the more you swim up to a bar right in your backyard. 

4. Fountains/waterfalls

Fountain in a clean swimming pool

Did you know that easy-to-install, adjustable fountains exist? Not only do these make your pool look a little fancier, but they also help move the pool water around for better water circulation. 

5. Wireless floating bluetooth speakers

Investing in a floating (obviously waterproof) bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to step up your pool game AND your party game. This eliminates the need to turn up the volume of your outdoor speakers until the neighbors start complaining. Swimming is undeniably more exciting when the vibe is perfectly set with some catchy tunes! Many of them even have built-in party lights!

6. Luminous glow-in-the-dark stones/pebbles 

Light up your pool deck with brightly colored garden stones for a neon glow. Arrange them in patterns that complement the shape of your pool and backyard or use them to form a pathway for strolling. This fun feature is also perfect for nighttime swims and will add a pop of color to your pool deck. 

7. Poolside fire pit

Fire pits are useful backyard additions regardless of the weather. If it’s hot outside and you’re spending most days by the pool, sitting fireside with friends is the perfect way to end the evening. If it’s cold outside, bonfires are never disappointing when it comes to socializing. Who doesn’t love s’mores and good conversation? Plus, fire pits add a charming little touch to any backyard! 

Turn your pool into a backyard oasis for yourself, your kids, your guests, and anyone who looks in your backyard’s direction. From a relaxing afternoon spent with a book under the sun to the birthday bash of your dreams, you can have it all without completely breaking the bank! A quick internet search of any of the items listed above will give you an abundance of options for a wide range of prices to choose from and we’ve provided you with links to get you started–the excitement and newness you’ve been craving for your pool is right at your fingertips!