Child learning how to swim with Hope Floats Foundation

Hope Floats Scholarship Recipient Receives Life-Saving Swim Lessons – Pool Scouts

Meet Hope Floats Foundation scholarship recipient, Ines Imamovic, and her two-year-old daughter, Iris. Ines is a 27-year-old mother of two who moved from Serbia to the United States just six short years ago. Since moving here, she has already been largely impacted by the pursuits of the Hope Floats Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of drowning—the highest-ranking cause of accidental deaths in children ages five and under. Due to a traumatic event that Ines faced during her childhood, she understands the gravity of water safety and has taken measures to ensure that her own children can handle themselves in unsafe water conditions. We are grateful for our partnership with Hope Floats and feel honored to have been given the privilege of chatting with Ines about her daughter’s scholarship for British Swim School, water safety, and why we should be donating to the organization.

What specifically pushed you to apply for a scholarship from the Hope Floats Foundation?

In Serbia, the country I come from located in Eastern Europe, there are two extremely unsafe rivers with rapid currents. When I was a child, I inadvertently fell into the Danube River, and I have had an acute fear of water ever since. I was searching on the internet for swimming lessons for children and came across the Hope Floats Foundation. 

How has this scholarship helped you and changed your life?Little girl smiling during swim lessons

The tuition from the Hope Floats Foundation for swim lessons changed my daughter’s life the most. Iris, my daughter, is only two years old and I have to admit that she is the most popular child at every pool! Everyone is so surprised and impressed that such a small child is not afraid to swim. She is fearless in the water which makes me very happy and proud. Her safety is so important, and she has gained valuable knowledge in the classes she attends. 

What does water safety mean to you?

I am aware that even the strongest swimmers have to be cautious in the water and that with just a little bit of carelessness, any one of us can be in mortal danger. This is why it is important to me that my child is trained to handle herself and cope with every possible situation she faces in water.

If you could spread the word about the importance of water safety to others around you, what would you share?

Children need to understand how dangerous the water really is from a young age in order to have fun at the pool. Like breathing, swimming is a skill that can’t be forgotten. Once we learn to swim, we remember how to do so regardless of the situation we are facing. This is why I think it’s so important to train children as early as possible in water skills, behavior, and dexterity when in the water. 

Why should people donate to the Hope Floats Foundation?

People should donate to the Hope Floats Foundation because acquiring the ability to properly swim reduces the risk of drowning, enhances community safety, and builds resilience in children. I’m sure that we all want the best for the kids around us. Consider that an average of 3,500 to 4,000 people die from accidental drownings each year in the United States. This should be enough of a reason to donate to a foundation that aims to change that. 

Ines didn’t let her own fear of swimming stop her from giving her kids the tools they need to be confident in the water. By donating to Hope Floats Foundation, you are providing children with swimming lessons who may not otherwise ever learn to swim. Help us change the statistics by donating to Hope Floats so that children like Iris can play in the water with confidence and strength. To join Pool Scouts in fundraising this summer, click here and donate! Whether it be $1 or $100, every little bit counts!