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Additional Swimming Pool Services in Columbus

In over your head? Pool Scouts offers a menu of services to meet your swimming pool needs! Check out some of our additional swimming pool service options below:

Minor Repairs

Having trouble getting your pool clear and sparkling blue? Typically that means your pool equipment may need some maintenance. Whether it is in need of a filter cleaning, a new pump, or even simply a new timer, Pool Scouts can help!

Stay ahead of pool equipment issues and ensure your pool is always swim-ready by becoming a regular customer of Pool Scouts. Our technicians check equipment each time they service your pool, staying ahead of the game with any issues that may arise. We also offer minor repairs for hot tubs.

Pool Heater Installation

Is it time to replace that old heater? Call Pool Scouts and we will take care of all the heavy lifting! We do everything from ordering to installing.

Green Pool Service

There are a variety of reasons that pools can turn green, with the cause being important to know before treating your green pool. From a dirty filter, a sand change being needed, poor water balance, improper filtration, or a variety of other reasons, chemicals can be thrown off, resulting in algae growth. Pinpointing the cause of the green pool will help determine the best way to clear up your pool. A slight amount of algae will require a different treatment than a full-blown green pond, which will typically take several visits to get fully cleared. With so many factors that can result in a green pool, leave it to Pool Scouts to handle identifying and resolving. Our thorough background training and expertise in green pool treatment will leave you feeling confident that we will get your pool sparkling blue again.

Saltwater Conversion

Do you have a chlorinated pool? Call Pool Scouts to hear the benefits of having a salt water system! For instance, did you know that salt systems are easier to maintain and have consistent water levels compared to a chlorinated pool? Instead of handling and storing chlorine, you just keep baking soda in the shed! Meaning fewer chemicals and trips to the store. Life has never been easier! By the end of the call, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to convert.

Seasonal Service

Many pool owners decide to close their pools when the temperatures drop or if they are going away on a long vacation. At Pool Scouts, efficiency is important and we see the value in saving time and money by closing your pool when not in use, but you have to do it the right way. Pool Scouts follows a process in order to open or close the pool correctly and ensure it is primed and ready for swimming weather. Our professional seasonal services will save you time and ensure a proper start or finish of the season.

Pool Inspections

We offer a comprehensive pool inspection completed by a Certified Pool Operator. All inspections include a Findings And Recommendations Report.

Pool Cover Replacements

Your pool cover takes a beating in the inclement weather and may retain damage during the winter months. Pool Scouts can replace your worn, torn cover for you. We’ll remove your cover, send it to the manufacturer, and deliver the new cover to your home. All you have to do is pick out the color and we’ll take care of the rest!

Filter Sand Changes

It can be easy to forget about changing the sand in your pool filter, but keeping that sand clean and fresh is important for your pool’s health. Let Pool Scouts take on your filter sand changes so that’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Salt Cell Cleaning and Filter Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your pool system is the key to long-lasting, affordable pool ownership. It is recommended that your filters are cleaned at least every 6 months, and most salt cells should be cleaned every 3 months. Salt cell and filter upkeep involve much more than just a rinse, and Pool Scouts is thoroughly trained to use the proper solvents and techniques to remove buildup from your system.

Chemical Checks

We offer chemical checks and water balance to customers that don’t need our full pool cleaning service.


Don’t see what you are looking for? Our trained technicians are well versed in multiple swimming pool services Give us a call at 614-559-8627 to learn how we can help you!