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Cost Effective Ways to Heat Your Pool

Now that it is winter, the weather is cold in most locations. If it isn’t cold, it’s still probably colder than usual! We know – heating a pool is expensive and sometimes it might not be worth spending so much money if you aren’t using your pool as much anyway. What if we told you there were some cost-effective ways to make your pool water warmer? Well, these do exist, so keep reading! 

DIY Solar Pool Heater 

-Buy a black garden hose long enough to stretch from your pool pump to direct sunlight with 50-100 feet to spare. Connect the hose to your pool pump’s return via a faucet connection. Run the hose to the direct sunlight (the roof of your house or shed are great areas for direct sunlight). Wrap the hose in a coil formation and run the remaining hose back down so that it is feeding directly into the pool. 

-Cost: $80 to $150

Solar Cover 

-Heat rises, which means that the evaporation above your pool contains the heat that should stay in the water. A solar cover stops evaporation while also absorbing solar heat.

-Cost: $50 to $200 

Solar Rings

-Solar rings are a great alternative to a full solar cover. They do the same thing as a cover, but they don’t cover the entire pool. You can choose however many you want to purchase, which could be enough to cover the whole pool, or just a few. Regardless, solar rings absorb heat and can actually generate up to 21,000 BTUs of heat per day. 

-Cost: $50 to $250

Liquid Solar Cover

-Liquid solar covers do the same thing as regular solar covers (reduce evaporation). The liquid creates a non-toxic, thin chemical barrier that aids in reducing heat loss and improving heat retention.  The difference in liquid solar covers is that they are invisible to the human eye. 

-Cost: $20 to $50

Windproof Pool Enclosure

-These types of enclosures are great for those who live in windy areas. Wind can quickly disrupt the surface of your pool which is a great way for warm water to escape. A windproof enclosure will help maintain the temperature of your pool and also allows for swimming in any element. 

-Cost: Depends on the size of the pool

Heat Pump

-Heat pumps get warm air from the atmosphere and use a low-energy process to keep this heat and bring it into the pool. Heat pumps depend upon temperature instead of sunlight. 

-Cost: $50 to $150 (monthly)

Combination of Heat Pump and Solar Protection

-This is obviously a bigger investment up front, but if you combine solar rings or a solar cover with a heat pump, you’ll end up paying less monthly than you would with just a heat pump. This is a great way to keep your pool warm for as long as you want. 


If you are eager to keep your pool warm even during the colder months, it won’t hurt to give these tricks a try! Either way, Pool Scouts offers year-’round services. Avoid the hassle and call us today! Perfect Pools, Scout’s Honor.