Clean and renovated pool and backyard space in the summer

Trending Outdoor Remodeling Projects to Pursue

Beautiful brick house exteriorThe exterior of your home tells buyers and neighbors alike a lot about you, even if you don’t realize it. The better it looks, the higher your property value can be, and the more respect you’ll get within your community.

Whether you’re upgrading so you have a beautiful home to drive to at the end of the day, or you’re interested in selling and want to up your curb appeal, it’s vital to know what trends are in style, and which are out!  

These are some of the top trending outdoor remodeling projects every homeowner should pursue this year, and why they can boost your property’s value.

Making Porches a Centerpiece

Your porch should be the centerpiece of your home’s exterior. When people walk up to your front door, they should feel welcomed and curious about what waits for them inside. 

To update your porch, start by deep cleaning it, and then move forward with a fresh coat of paint, rustic porch ceiling details, and updated house numbers and lighting. Add furniture that offers a place to rest or set things down, like a bench or a couple of rocking chairs, and then a little greenery to add that extra welcoming touch.

Creating Gardens With Purpose

Your garden should feel purposeful beyond just beautiful flowers. If all you want is flowering plants, look for native plants that local pollinators enjoy. This can make your home more welcoming and eco-friendly while also offering lots of low-maintenance beauty. 

If you want to take it further, one of the most popular ways to put your land to work is to build a rain garden. These gardens help your land use rainwater and pull it down into the soil instead of allowing it to sit above the surface and flood. Although this can’t protect every property, it’s a great step for most homeowners.

Updating Older Siding

Older siding is a liability in any home, so it’s a good idea to stop and look at how old yours is. You’ll see signs of age the moment your siding starts to reach 20 years. This can show in cracking, warping, discoloration, or simply disintegrating, depending on the material it’s made of.

Update to a sturdier siding that will last longer, like steel siding, which is made to last over 30 years and can be painted any color you want. If you’re considering selling soon, this change will add a lot of value and curb appeal to your property.

Adding Exterior Entertainment SpaceUpdated front porch perfect for entertaining

Entertainment spaces are one of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of your property. These can be decks, patios, pools, and so much more. You don’t have to have people over to use them, but they give you a chance to enjoy time outside and get a lot of use out of land that would simply be there to look good otherwise. 

Exterior entertainment is also a great draw for buyers because they want to picture their life full of friends and family visiting this home, and having areas built for that will make it easier.

Giving Your Home a Natural Feeling

In 2023 one of the top trending home exterior changes is adding more eco-friendly appeal through natural and natural-appearing materials. This has been popular in areas with a hot market, ensuring that every brick house with stone accents flies off the market the moment it arrives. 

You can boost this further by putting native plants throughout your property. These need far less care than the green grass most lawns have and will look like they belong in your home: because they do!

Creating Space for Pets

Pets are part of what makes life so fun! One of the top trending outdoor remodeling changes people are making is adding exterior spaces for their pets. Cat patios, or catios, are popular because they allow house pets to spend time outside without risking them getting hurt and without risking wildlife getting harmed by pets. 

If you’re not considering selling any time soon, it can be an awesome addition to keep your furry loved ones safe! Dog runs and other pet-based spaces are also always trending and popular for home renovations. 

Replacing a Rustic RoofHouse with updated shingles on the roof

How old is your roof? Although wood shingles have had their moment in the sun, it’s time to look at a roofing material that will last. Slate is one of the most recently popular materials since it can last for over 50 years when well-maintained and looks incredible.  Unfortunately, it can be slightly more expensive, so it’s vital that you budget for it. This extra cost is worth it when you consider how much longer it lasts. 

Investing in Moisture Control

Moisture is a hazard to any property, so regardless of whatever other projects you’re completing, it’s a good idea to stop and block water from making its way in. You can make a simple change, like updating your gutters and adding gutter guards so they don’t get blocked, but many are taking to putting in in-ground trenches. 

This project pulls water down and away and ensures that instead of flooding your pool or drenching your basement, you can have a clear lawn. 

Your Home Can Shine From Any Angle

When you’re ready to update your home and make it shine, it’s time to do a full remodel!  Consider some of these trending projects if you want to keep up with the times and watch your property blossom.


Andrea Erickson is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise on commercial and residential real estate. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Andrea’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource.