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Popular Pool Services in St. Augustine

Florida residents know that pool care and maintenance in this area can be difficult. With the humidity and shifting weather patterns causing chemical imbalances, it’s important to maintain your pool chemistry on a regular basis to avoid issues. Pool Scouts of the First Coast is here to help so that you don’t have to deal with it. Our pool service options range from weekly recurring pool service to specialty cleans such as green to clean pool service. Check out some of our most popular pool services below.

Ongoing Pool Service and Maintenance

Pool Scouts tech skimming pool with a pool netWe offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool cleaning services and minor repair services to keep your pool up, running, and swim-ready at all times. Our Scouts arrive prepared with the latest water testing technology and treatment solutions. To ensure the highest quality pool care, we proactively communicate with you before the pool service, capture data (and leaves!) during the service, and offer a summary of water test results and pool services provided upon completion of the visit. Rest assured, we return each leaf we rescue from your pool safely to the wild.

Single Pool Service

Been on vacation for a week and now you have a green pond trying to pass as a pool in your backyard? Don’t worry, we‘re trained to handle anything nature throws our way! Our single pool service includes testing and a detailed clean-up to restore your pool’s health and show you the benefits of relying on Pool Scouts to keep your pool at its best.

Specialty Services

Pool Scouts technician emptying the pool skimmer basketIn over your head? Pool Scouts of the First Coast offers a menu of pool services to meet your swimming pool needs! Check out some of our additional services below:

  • Kickstart Service
  • Green Pool Service
  • Seasonal Pool Service and more!


Don’t see what you are looking for? Our trained pool technicians are well versed in multiple services. Give us a call at 904-671-0440, email  firstcoast@poolscouts.com or fill out a form to the right to learn how we can help you!