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The extended freezing temperatures lasted longer than anyone initially predicted and caused unprecedented infrastructure challenges to power and water. The resulting damages to Texas homes and pools have been difficult-to-impossible to avoid. Frozen water in pool equipment, valves and other system components is generally quite destructive. And with the return to more normal Texas temperatures, the damages incurred under the hard freeze become more evident.

Pool covered in snow from winter blizzard in Texas

If you’ve experienced a power loss at your pool, whether due to blackout or from turning the system off yourself, make sure all pool equipment has been shut off and the circuit breakers to your equipment have also been turned off. Do not power your system back on and assume everything will work, if there is any damage from the freeze or the lines are still frozen, starting your system back up may cause additional issues. You should run through the below checklist before starting it back up or contact a qualified technician to access it for you.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Pool

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you navigate your pool during this time.

What To Do:

  • DO contact a certified, insured pool company to evaluate your pool and its systems
  • DO maintain regular service to your pool, even if it is not operational. Water chemistry must be maintained regardless to avoid an unhealthy green pool situation which will be costly to alleviate
  • DO consider the balance between repairing versus replacing damaged components. In many cases, replacement will be warranted to ensure full system integrity over the long term, as well as the economic savings from energy efficiency and/or technology improvements
  • DO check your homeowner’s insurance and homeowners warranty policies for possible coverage/relief
  • DO get more than one quote. Ask questions about the repair recommendation and estimate. Reputable service providers should be able to make you comfortable with good answers, fair prices and also provide a warranty in writing

What NOT To Do:

  • DON’T hire a repair serviceman requiring upfront payment. Deposits are reasonable, especially with parts involved. Reputable service providers will not expect payment in full until satisfactory job completion

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