Backyard camping for a summer staycation with the kids

Organizing a Summer Staycation For Your Kids

As the summer carries on, adults and kids alike are eager to make new memories traveling. But, many families are unable to afford vacations with rising costs due to inflation. Since January, ticket costs are up 47% with airfares jumping 30% compared to May 2019, pre-pandemic.

As a cost-saving alternative, consider these tips when planning your backyard staycation.


Whether your family takes annual trips or there is one memorable vacation that sticks out, look to that for inspiration. If you have any souvenirs, photos, or journals from that time, use those mementos to spark your memory.

A great way to do so is through sensory reminders. Think of sight, taste, sound, smell, and touch from this time and what has stuck with you.

Once completed, don’t be afraid to use trial and error to recreate them. For example, if your kids miss the beach, experiment with sand or water sensory tables outside for easy cleanup. Or try a DIY candle with essential oils as a crafting activity with your children.

By doing this, you can even create new traditions with your loved ones. Maybe one night a week you and your partner have a poolside date night where you experiment with making your favorite cocktail or mocktail recipes from your trip.


First, you can strategically plan a staycation around an upcoming holiday. With some sprinkled throughout June, July, and August, pick one that resonates with your family or that is nostalgic from your childhood.

Second, use a holistay as a way to bring an emphasis to a special day that easily gets overlooked with a busy family schedule. Between work, after-school commitments and extracurriculars, birthdays or anniversaries might take a back seat.

Third, a summer staycation can be a relaxing way to reflect on life milestones, like high school graduations. After years of studying and hard work, this is a perfect time to recharge together to avoid burnout before the next chapter.

In these cases, your children might want to invite guests over. Before anyone arrives, take some extra steps. Even if your kids are experienced swimmers, do a refresher on water safety to avoid common summer injuries or pool accidents. Also, give them tips on how to be a good host, as these social skills were not practiced regularly during the pandemic.


To get the most out of your holistay, think of the area you plan to spend most of your time in. Remodeling projects to complement a pool add fun and functionality to your existing backyard centerpiece. Whether you’re tackling one or multiple projects, ask yourself…

  • Inclusivity:
    • What project is best for a multi-generational household?
    • Is there a way to get rid of building features like stairs that can limit usability?
    • Are there extra adaptive devices you can buy?
  • Finances:
    • How do these projects impact the resale value of your home?
    • Based on the home improvement project you select, how much will your property tax go up?
    • Is it beneficial to look into home improvement loans or explore ways to utilize your home’s equity?
  • Neighborhood Compliance:
    • If you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA), does your anticipated renovation need to be approved?
    • Is the information that you will need for your renovation application accessible?
    • Do you have a backup plan if your request is rejected?

Don’t forget about services for your backyard too. Have your lawn professionally sprayed for weeds, hire a pest control company to protect existing structures or have outdoor exteriors pressure washed in advance.


The best part about planning your staycation is that you can make it completely individualized and personalized to what you and your family want, making 2022 the best summer yet.