For pool owners in Florida, pool maintenance is a breeze as long as you know what to look out for and how to address things before they become problems. With the proper pool care and upkeep, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is which music to listen to while floating in the pool. Here are some maintenance tips from our professional Pool Scouts technicians to help you better navigate routine pool care.

The 3 C’s of Pool Maintenance

The 3 C’s of pool maintenance are circulation, cleaning and chemistry. When pools go untreated in one or more of these three areas, larger issues arise. Many questions that pool owners have are usually tied to one of the 3 C’s.


Why is pool circulation important?

Pool circulation is what keeps the water in a pool constantly moving, so that it doesn’t get stagnant, which can lead to a dirty and stinky pool. Pool jets not only circulate the water, but they help to distribute chemicals throughout the pool to keep it clean and sanitary.

How can I make sure the pool water is circulating correctly?

What you can do as a pool owner is check to make sure that dirty water is going into your pool filter, and clean water is returning to the pool. To keep water flowing correctly, you’ll need to run your pool pump 8-12 hours a day, regularly clean the skimmer and pump basket, and face the jets downward and circular to keep a steady flow.

Graph showing how pool water flows through pool filter correctly


Maintaining a clean swimming pool means less issues! The more often you clean your pool, the easier it is to maintain.

What regular pool cleaning steps do I need to take?

To keep your pool well-maintained, always make sure to:

  • Brush the walls, ladder, steps, and any other low circulation spots daily.
  • Skim the pool water surface daily.
  • Vacuum the pool once a week.


Last but not least, keeping up with chemicals is crucial to keeping a sparkling pool.

How often do I need to test pool water?

Pool water should be tested weekly.

What causes my pool chemicals to become imbalanced?

This can happen from a variety of outside elements, such as body oils, shampoos and lotions mixing with the water, yard debris and bugs falling in the pool, etc.

What’s the right balance of chemicals in my pool?

We came up with an easy to read chart that breaks down the chemical balance that you should maintain in your pool at all times.

Chart showing correct amount of pool chemicals to add to your pool

If you follow the 3 C’s, you’ll be able to maintain a clean and clear pool. Happy swimming!