Baby relaxing in a pool float in sunglasses

What the Color of Your Pool Water Says About You

Choosing a color for your pool’s finish is one of the most important yet most fun parts of the pool installation process. The finish that you choose goes much further than most would think. This decision will affect the color of your pool water, which affects the aesthetic of your backyard, which says a lot about your personality! Whether you’ve already gone through this process and made your decision or you have yet to decide, read on to find out what the color of your pool water says about you!


Woman sitting on the edge of a clean and clear aqua swimming pool

If your pool is this bright shade of aqua, you most likely have fun with self-expression. You are drawn to doing your own thing and you’re not concerned with following the trends or fitting in with the crowd. You’re not focused on getting attention from anyone – you just do what makes you happy without giving others’ opinions a second thought. 


Light gray swimming pool that's calm and tranquil

If your pool water is a gray-tinted, light color, you’re probably easily overwhelmed by the craziness of life. Your backyard is your own personal getaway and it serves as your protection from the chaos of the outside world. You enjoy moments of solace and relaxation and your backyard feels spa-like. You are sophisticated and there is no room for extra nonsense in your life. 


Bright turquoise pool water

If your pool water is turquoise, you are probably energetic and adventurous. When you’re tired or glum, sitting poolside gives you the pick-me-up you need to continue on with the week. Watching your pool sparkle and glisten in the sun brings back your excitement and zest for life. You probably love to travel, so naturally, hanging out in your backyard feels like you’re on a tropical vacation.

Dark Green/Teal

Group of people swimming in a dark teal swimming pool

If your pool water is this dark shade of greenish-teal, you are most likely reliable, trustworthy, and even-tempered. You’ve always been the more organized one in your group of friends and you like to keep the people around you in check. Your maturity speaks for itself and did from a young age – your parents never had to worry about you! 

Royal Blue

Yellow pool float in a bright blue swimming pool

Is your pool water royal blue? If so, you must be family-oriented. Nothing brings you quite as much joy as having your kids and all of their friends over to swim. You love the chaos of everyone running around the backyard playing games, throwing toys into the pool, and eating all of the food you just grilled for them. This is the life you’ve always wanted, and you finally made it!


Black infinity pool overlooking mountains

If your pool water is black, you’re trendy yet mysterious, which makes you quite unique. You probably have more depth than those around you and your mind is full of complexities, but you keep them private. You exhibit elegance, power, grace, and intelligence. Your home stays uncluttered and your decor is most likely a bit formal. Everyone wants to know more about you, but getting you to open up is not an easy task. 

No matter what color you’ve chosen for your pool, you have unique qualities that you should be proud of! Your backyard aesthetic gives others a small glimpse into your personality. We know that the upkeep is difficult when you have other responsibilities, which is why we’re here! Leave it to the professionals at Pool Scouts. We’ll keep your pool swim-ready and your pool deck spotless! Perfect Pools, Scouts Honor.