Before and after photo of a green pool service with Pool Scouts

The Best Time to Close Your Pool

While many pool owners in seasonal areas stick to the common pool schedule, i.e., opening around Memorial Day and closing around Labor Day, you don’t have to—and honestly, you shouldn’t. We often get the question, “when is the best time to close my pool?” and we are here to answer it. 

You probably wouldn’t have guessed, but closing your pool earlier than you should can be extremely detrimental to the health of the water, causing many problems for you to have to handle down the road. 

When we come and close your pool for the off-season, we winterize it. In other words, we add winter protection chemicals to the water. Unfortunately, if the climate is still warm when we do this, the winterizing chemicals won’t last as long—probably not even until spring. The warmer the weather is, the faster the chemicals in your pool will be consumed. If the winterizing chemicals don’t last until the time comes to open your pool, you will have a large maintenance dilemma to solve as soon as the cover comes off. 

Warm weather also causes algae growth, which will cause your pool to turn green if it is left sitting for a long period of time—so by closing your pool prematurely, you will have to spend more money and put forth more effort when it is time to open your pool again. 

So, now you get the point—you shouldn’t close your pool too early. However, you’re probably thinking, “So…when is it safe to close my pool?” 

Well, once your water temperature is consistently 65 degrees or below (minimum), it’s safe to close up shop–-regardless of your location. BUT, if you can wait a little bit longer,  it is even safer to stay open until the pool water hits 50 degrees. Obviously, this doesn’t happen at all in some areas. But even if you’re located in a place where swimming is a seasonal luxury, you don’t have to close at all. 

Another reason you should keep your pool open longer (if not year-’round) is, again, to avoid the expensive costs of opening a green pool or even just opening a pool in general. If you continue your recurring weekly or bi-weekly pool services throughout the entirety of the year (or until later in the fall), you will, in total, be spending less than you will spend to open your pool back up in the spring–especially if it has turned green over the winter. 

Whatever the case may be, Pool Scouts can handle it. Our goal is to take the burden of pool maintenance off of your hands. Your job is to enjoy your pool, our job is to take care of it. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring services as well as specialty services. With our professionally trained technicians and our topnotch technology, we have a vast range of capabilities, including but not limited to: 

Opening your pool, closing or winterizing your pool, keeping your pool open and in great shape all year, fixing your green pool, and more. Check out our website to find a Pool Scouts location near you and/or give us a call at 844-775-2742. Our scouts are always ready to come to the rescue! Perfect pools, scout’s honor.