Little girl splashing her feet in a pool

Advantages of Opening Your Pool Early

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool swim-ready! With the fluctuating temperatures throughout the country, it might seem like summer is a far way off, but when the warm weather strikes, you want to be ready to dive into a clean pool! Here are some advantages of opening your pool early.

Preparing Your Pool Early Prevents A Bigger Mess Down the Road

If you decide to open your pool in the earlier spring months rather than waiting until prime swim season is in session, that’s less time that your pool has to go without any maintenance. The longer your pool is closed, the chemicals from the previous season start to wear off and your pool water is not getting circulated. As standing water is combined with rising temperatures, there’s a higher chance for algae to develop. The longer that water goes unaddressed, the more likely you are to have an unpleasant surprise when you uncover the pool. These issues can also lead to more costly maintenance, as it takes more chemicals and cleaning to get rid of the algae and debris that have built up throughout the off-season.

An Early Pool Opening Allows Time to Repair Any Broken Parts

Sometimes it’s unavoidable to find something broken when you open up your pool for the season. If your pool pump went bad or filter grids need replacing, it’s important to get that repaired as quickly as possible to avoid larger issues down the road. Pool parts are more difficult to get in a timely fashion right now with shipping delays and parts in high demand while people are using their pools more than ever. Opening your pool early will allow you to identify these issues in plenty of time to order and replace any necessary parts, so you won’t have to miss out on any pool time.

An Earlier Pool Opening Also Means Less of a Wait

Backyard pool with pool cover to the side If you decide to have a professional pool company open your pool, chances are you’ll have much better luck scheduling a preferred time when you call in the earlier months in the year. Many people decide to have their pools opened right before Memorial Day since that’s when summer really kicks off and is an ideal weekend to enjoy the pool. With the high call volumes for last minute openings around the holiday weekend, this can lead to frustration for pool owners, especially if the pool requires multiple visits to ensure it’s fully cleaned and swim ready. To ensure your pool is fully up and running in plenty of time for those important weekends, call and schedule ahead of time so you don’t run into those surprises that will leave you stuck without a swimmable pool.

Enjoy Swim Season Longer

Aside from the above-mentioned backlog in scheduling around Memorial Day weekend, the earlier you open your pool, the longer you get to enjoy it. Even if it’s still a little chilly to jump in, you can at least enjoy the aesthetics of your pool, and when the weather does decide to warm up, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of rushing to get your pool sparkling within hours.

If you are thinking about having your pool opened, or even just refreshed to kickstart summer, give Pool Scouts a try! We’d love to take that stress off your hands, so that when you’re ready to jump into summer, your pool is ready and waiting.