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Specialty Pool Services in the Mid-South


Want to learn more about how to maintain your own swimming pool, we’re here to help. We’ll schedule a short, one-on-one with you at your own home and teach you the mechanics of operating your pool equipment, and also the basics around how to use chemicals to properly balance your pool chemistry. We offer a 30 minutes or one-hour class!  


If you typically maintain your own pool, there are times when you just need a little more help. There may be leaves or debris that you don’t have the equipment to get up, or maybe you’ll be out of town and just need help while you’re gone. 

  • Scoop heavy debris  
  • Skim pool surface  
  • Scrub pool: wall, floors, waterline  
  • Empty and clean the skimmer basket(s)   
  • Empty and clean the pump strainer basket(s)
  • Backwash sand filters  
  • Check the filter pressure  
  • Check the equipment for proper operation and potential leaks  
  • Vacuum the pool bottom
  • Perform water testing  
  • Add any required chemicals to balance the pool water  
  • Blow off pool deck area and equipment pad
  • Attached spa included  

*This service may require a follow-up appointment(s) depending on condition of pool* 



We try to be a flexible option for pool owners in the Mid-South area. That’s why you’ll see that we don’t do contracts and even offer special packages to help you when you’re on vacation or traveling for work. We’ll customize the plan around how long you’ll be gone and the state of your pool. We offer a variety of vacation services to fit you needs:  

  • 1-6 days 
  • 7-10 days 
  • 14+ days 


Have you gone out to the pool and found spotting around the pool, usually around the walls and steps, and not sure how to remove it. The team of trained technicians from Pool Scouts of the Mid-South offer a specialized treatment to remove the black algae from your pool’s surface. This treatment is a 3 conservative day treatment with each visit about 30 minutes.  


For new pool builds or recently renovated gunite pools, you need to brush down and maintain chemical levels for a specific period of time. If your pool builder doesn’t offer this for you, reach out and get on our schedule for Plaster Care. This treatment is a 5 consecutive day treatment with each visit about 30 mins. 


Leaves left in the pool can cause staining, algae growth and be cumbersome to remove. The proper equipment makes the job much easier. Count on Pool Scouts of the Mid-South to assist with leaf removal and get your pool ready for swim season. Our leaf removal service includes the follow: 

  • Empty skimmers 
  • Empty pump basket 
  • Skim surface 
  • Scoop heavy debris 
  • Vacuum 

*May require multiple visits depending on the number of leaves. No chemicals are added at this service.*


Have a stained diving board? We have a few tricks to remove staining. Give our team a call to add this to one of your cleaning services. 

What more information about any of the services above? Give us a call today!