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Pool Maintenance in Boca Raton

Pool Scouts of West Boca Raton offers pool maintenance to our neighbors in the Boca community to preserve a healthy swimming pool and to help avoid any issues from building over time. Our team of Scouts is fully trained to not only give your pool a premium service but to identify any areas that are or could become troublesome if left unattended, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Minor Pool Repairs

Does your pool filter have a leak, or is your pump making loud noises? Even if it’s just that you’re having issues keeping a clear pool, it could be that a piece of pool equipment needs to be updated and we can help with that! We are equipped to handle a wide variety of pool equipment issues to ensure your pool is operating correctly. Even if it’s a service we don’t offer, we’ll provide you with a recommendation of a professional who can get the job done.

Pool Maintenance Services 

When you choose Pool Scouts of West Boca Raton to maintain your pool, you’re not only getting excellent pool care, but ongoing maintenance that will keep your pool at its healthiest at all times.

Our Scouts always thoroughly go through our pool cleaning checklist during any of our regular pool cleaning services, but sometimes your pool needs a little more. Pool Scouts also offers additional maintenance services needed every so often to keep your pool sparkling blue. Below highlights the additional maintenance services we provide. 

Filter Cleanings

Keeping up with proper maintenance of your pool filter is important, and while maintaining its cleanliness is a key element of pool maintenance, the cartridge will eventually need to be replaced. Here’s how to tell if your pool filter needs to be cleaned, or if it’s time to toss it and get a new one. 


  • The pool filter cartridge needs to be cleaned whenever the filter pressure gauge increases by around 8 PSI, or pounds per square inch, above the normal operating pressure.
  • Another rule of thumb is at the very least to clean the cartridge every six months. Keeping a schedule is an easy way to make sure the cartridge cleaning gets taken care of.
  • Outside of these two factors, if there’s a change in the water quality you’ll want to inspect the filter cartridge. It may just be in need of a good cleaning. 


The time frame for how long a cartridge lasts can range, typically about 3 – 5 years. There are other determining factors though to keep an eye on to know if it’s time to replace your pool filter cartridge. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs it’s time for a new cartridge. 

  • Changing Water Quality: If the pool water remains cloudy or green even after balancing chemicals, it’s time to check the filter cartridge. Each time a filter cartridge is cleaned, the cartridge’s fibers wear down and separate a bit more, allowing finer dirt and debris to pass through. 
  • Increased Cleaning Frequency: Once you notice the pressure gauge rising above 8 PSI more often, it’s most likely time for the cartridge to be replaced. Make sure to keep note of when you last cleaned your cartridge so that you can monitor the frequency of when it’s cleaned. A good rule of thumb is when it needs to be cleaned in about half the time it used to be, it’s time to replace it.
  • Damaged Filter: Each time you clean your filter, you should inspect it for any tears or damage in the fabric. If damaged, the filter can’t properly filter debris out, leaving you with a dirty pool.
  • Check Filter Bands: Cartridge filters have horizontal bands around them to keep the pleats spaced correctly. If the bands are loose, falling off or missing, the filter should be replaced. 

Salt Cell Replacements

Salt cells are an excellent and efficient way to sanitize your pool, and remember, a healthy pool is a happy pool! Most salt cells should be cleaned AT LEAST every three months. At Pool Scouts, we don’t cut corners. We don’t simply rinse off your salt cells, as this is not an effective way to remove the organic and chemical buildup in your system. We use the proper solvents and techniques to remove as much of that “stuff” as possible from your system.


Here are a few indications that your salt cell likely needs cleaned, repaired or replaced: 

  • The power center displays a Check Salt message. However, a water sample shows normal salt levels.
  • The Cell Warning light displays consistently, shutting off for only a short while after cleaning.
  • The voltage is higher than normal.
  • Amperage is irregular (it should normally be zero or just slightly above)
  • The SCG isn’t producing chlorine (which could potentially indicate a cell issue)

Winter Pool Services 

There are many benefits to maintaining your pool throughout the winter months, including avoiding potential complications, having the view of a beautifully clean pool during the dreary cold months, and getting your pool swim-ready much more quickly at the start of swim season. You can learn the full list of benefits for winter pool service here.

If you’re not sure whether to close your pool or maintain it through the winter months, call Pool Scouts. We have the background knowledge to know whether your pool will be better off getting closed or regularly maintained so that either way, when warmer weather arrives, your pool will be swim ready.

Kickstart Services

Once your swim season starts, your pool will need some TLC before you can take the plunge. Our Kickstart Service includes water testing, water shocking, balancing, removing debris, blowing off the pool deck, scrubbing water edge tile and checking all of the equipment. Rest assured that our expert team will leave your pool perfectly balanced, healthy, and ready for a refreshing swim whenever you desire! 

If you’re interested in having Pool Scouts maintain your pool to keep it clean and healthy or to learn more out about one of our maintenance-specific services, give us a call at 561-465-0141.